Terminal Skids


- Suitable for high throughput petroleum terminals & refineries within zone 1 class 1 hazardous areas.
- Modular design allows factory fabrication, assembly & testing to minimise site disruption.
- Fitted with MID approved positive displacement or turbine flow meters.
- Up to 6 arms as standard using our proven IFC 445T bottom loading arms with semi-auto coupler.
- Loading arm parking system fitted as standard.
- Mono strainers with quick release 80 mesh filter baskets for ease of maintenance.
- All welded carbon steel pipework powder coated for corrosion resistance.
- Flanged isolation & digital flow control valves.
- Hot dipped galvanised frame as standard.
- Choice of electronic batch controllers & high level grounding protection monitors.
- Provision for additive injection, temperature compensation & blending available.
- All electric installation meets ATEX requirements using SWA cable & ExD glands.
- Option meter proving return line.

Additional Information

Sales Literature S1005 BLA Skid.pdf
Technical literature bla445 O&M_2011.pdf
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Terminal Skids