Terminal Automation System


- SmartTAS is a Windows based depot & terminal management software system.
- Controls & manages all day to day tanker loading operations.
- Identifies & logs all driver, vehicle & company details.
- Security function prevents unauthorised loading.
- Can authorise open & pre-arranged loading plans.
- Prints loading bill with temperature compensation (requires skid interface).
- Extensive list of stock management reports available.
- Suitable for many load computers including the Contrec 1010 & Acuload systems.
- Can interface with other equipment including gate access control, weighbridges & many other tank contents gauges on the market.
- Suitable for own fleet & 3rd party loading.
- Can help provide accurate stock reconciliation management.
- Offers an ideal office based solution for managing day to day operations.

Stk Code Description
TAS-BASIC Terminal automation system, basic

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Terminal Automation System