Self Levelling Folding Stairs


Our range of self levelling folding stairs has been developed over many years to answer the safety concerns surrounding tanker top loading & access. Our folding stairs provide the safest way for operators to access the top of road & rail tankers or ISO containers.

Uses include:-

Tanker top loading.

Sampling & load inspection.

Maintenance & safety inspections.

Tanker cleaning & decontamination.

Our folding stairs provide easy access to the majority of tanker heights & sizes & offer the following features:-

- Stairs automatically adjust to varying tanker heights.

- Sealed compression spring balance allows the operator to easily lower & raise the stairs with the minimum of effort.

- Low maintenance bearings.

- Steps always remain horizontal with unit in any position.

- Slip free grating on steps.

- Safety hand rails & knee guards as standard.

- Extended last step provides greater stability & safer step area to access or exit the tanker.

- Hinged intermediate safety step to prevent accidental trapping of feet whilst lowering the stairs into position.

- Rubber bumper bar prevents sparking & protects tanker finish.

- Heavy duty polyester rope to assist operator in raising the stairs to their parked position.

- Foot operated parking brake locks the stairs in parked position.

- Additional safety chain locks the stairs in either the lowered or parked position.

- Maintenance free nylon bushes fitted as standard.

- Mild steel construction with a hot dip galvanised finish.

- Option

Operator safety cage provides added security & safety whilst operator is on top of the tanker or container.

- Safety cages available in sizes to suit site requirements.

- Cages made from galvanised mild steel. Other materials & special sizes available.

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Self Levelling Folding Stairs