Safe Access - Folding Stairs

Our range of self-levelling folding stairs has been developed over many years to answer the safety concerns surrounding tanker top loading & access. Our folding stairs provide the safest way for operators to access the top of road & rail tankers or ISO containers.

  1. Self Levelling Stairs
    Our popular standard width range allows safe & easy access. 800mm wide steps provide easy access for a single operator, compression spring balance allows the unit to be easily lowered & raised by a single operator.
  2. Stairs with Safety Cage
    Our standard 800mm wide units are available c/w safety cages. Standard cage size is 1.4m D x 2.8m W. 1.4m square cage option available. 1m high, 3 rail safety cage provides optimum fall prevention.
  1. Extra Wide Stairs
    Our extra wide units are specially designed for applications where multiple tanker compartments need to be accessed or the site is unsure where the access point on the tanker might be.
  2. Sliding Stairs
    Our standard folding stairs are mounted on a track which allows the stairs to slide along the gantry to the correct access position. Ideal for when a number of points need to be accessed from a single gantry.
  1. Pneumatic Powered Safety Cage
    Powered safety cage designed to operate without folding stairs. Cage encompasses total loading area of tanker & provides fall protection for operator.
  2. Pneumatic Power Kit
    Our pneumatic power kit provides an even easier way to lower & raise our folding stairs. Simple up / down lever operation from gantry mounted control. Compressed air provides all the power needed.
  1. Safety Cage Options
    We offer a range of special custom cage options to suit every application. Lightweight aluminium, used widely for larger safety cages or where it is essential to prevent contact sparks.