Bottom Loading Arms

Bottom loading is recognised as being a safer & faster way of loading tankers. Eliminates risks associated with work at height. Currently used in all petroleum terminal & fuel depot loading applications. Low cost, low maintenance & long working life.

Bottom Loading Arms

  • Petroleum Bottom Loading Arms

    - The 445S is ideal for bottom loading of road tankers in smaller petroleum terminals & oil distribution depots.
    - Widely used on our bottom loading skids.
    - Sealed for life fully adjustable spring balance for ease of use.
    - 100mm/4” bore for min. pressure drop & high flow rates up to 2500L/min.
    - Durable, hard wearing carbon steel swivel joints.
    - Economical fixed elbow with drop hose swivel in aluminium.
    - All swivels feature easy maintenance 3 part design.
    - Energised PTFE product seal for full product compatibility.
    - Maximum working pressures up to 15 bar.
    - Min/Max working temperature -25°C / +85°C.
    - Full assemblies available with a range of options including:
    - Choice of composite rubber or metallic braided hoses, manual or semi-auto API couplers, apex swivel joints, proximity switches and API parking adaptors.

    Stk Code Description
    BLA445S 4" bottom loading arm-standard
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  • Terminal Bottom Loading Arms

    - The 445T & 445VR are Ideal for high throughput petroleum terminals & large oil distribution depots.
    - The 445T terminal arm has all the benefits of our standard arm along with additional features including a lightweight aluminium apex swivel & variable length aluminium drop tubes.
    - Full assembly includes primary arm, apex swivel, aluminium drop pipe, hose, bottom hose swivel & API coupler.
    - High flow rates up to 2500L/min.
    - Durable hard carbon steel swivel joints with PTFE seals for full product compatibility.
    - Long lasting composite or metallic braided hoses.
    - Semi-automatic API couplers as standard.
    - Options - Proximity switches, API parking adaptors, stand posts & riser spools.
    - The 445VR vapour recovery arm features a fixed elbow spool, light weight vapour hose & dry-break vapour coupler with sight glass & operating handle.

     Stk Code  Description
     BLA445T  4" bottom loading arm-terminal spec
     BLA445VR  4" vapour recovery arm with coupler
  • General Purpose Bottom Loaders

    - The 400 series bottom loading arms are a general purpose arm ideal for bottom loading & unloading of chemicals, solvents, paints, edible & non-edible foods & other liquids that require special
    - Low level articulated arm design allows safe & secure product transfer from the bottom of road & rail tankers.
    - Features all the standard benefits of our IFC range of petroleum loading arms.
    - 2”, 3”, 4” & 6” nominal bore size.
    - Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel or carbon steel.
    - Unique 5th swivel balance ensures loading arm coupling is always parallel with tanker connection .
    - Maximum working pressure up to 15 bar.
    - Min/Max working temperature -25°C / +85°C.
    - Options
    Floor mounted stand post or mounting plate complete with parking hook & arm safety lock.

    Stk Code Description
    BLA403-XX-XX articulated bottom loading arm