Loading arms

With over 25 years of experience in supplying equipment for the loading & unloading of road tankers we offer loading arms to suit almost any application where liquid needs to be moved using tankers. Used for petroleum products including bitumen & heavy fuel oil, solvents & paints, hazardous & corrosive chemicals & edible & non-edible foods.

  1. Bottom Loading Arms
    Bottom loading is recognised as being a safer & faster way of loading tankers. Eliminates risks associated with work at height. Currently used in all petroleum terminal & fuel depot loading applications. Low cost, low maintenance & long working life.
  2. Top Loading Arms
    Top loading offers an efficient & economical method to load road & rail tankers. Our 200 series articulated arms are perfect for extended reach applications with a choice of unsupported or supported boom. Suitable for vapour recovery & high level overfill protection.
  1. General Purpose Loaders
    Our general purpose top and bottom loading arms are ideal for loading & unloading of chemicals, solvents, paints, edible & non-edible foods & other liquids that require special handling. Articulated designs provide maximum flexibility for adding options such as vapour recovery & overfill protection.
  2. Heated/PTFE Lined Arms
    A heating system designed to fit arms used for handling products that must be maintained at higher temperatures. Typical applications include bitumen, marine & heavy fuel oil, petrochemicals & foodstuffs such as chocolate. PTFE lined arms are ideal for use with corrosive acids, caustics & other aggressive liquids.
  1. Rail/High Speed Arms
    Ideal for high speed refuelling of railway vehicles including locomotives & diesel multiple units. Choice of bottom reach or variable height swivel boom arm with torsion or spring balance for ease of use. High speed fuelling arms also available.
  2. API Couplers & Swivel Joints
    The Safeload API coupler is a robust, reliable & affordable coupler ideal for all petroleum loading applications. Weld prep & pre-welded swivel joints permit a wide range of horizontal & vertical movement in pipework & loading arms.
  1. Loading Arm Numbering System
    Use our easy reference chart to identify the correct loading arm for your application.