Couplers & Adaptors

Our range includes API couplers, dry break couplings and safety break couplings allowing quick and easy connection to tanks.

  1. API Couplers
    The safeload manual and semi auto API couplers are for petroleum tanker bottom loading. These are robust, reliable, and affordable. These are approved by all major oil companies.
  2. Dry Break Couplings
    Suitable for a wide range of applications including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, solvent and food. Interchangeable with Todo, Mann-Tek, Avery Hardoll and Emco Weaton couplings.
  1. Rail Flyte Coupler
    Bulk rail fuelling coupler suitable for rail car refuelling. These are interchangeable with all existing coupler types offering flow rates from 50-650L/min.
  2. Safety Break Couplings
    Protects the loading and unloading equipment and the tanker from damage caused by pull away accidents. Easy to reset and service on site.