Upgrades & Automation

We can upgrade your current mechanical register to an electronic version, provide terminal automation systems, dual side loading systems, top to bottom load conversions and a number of options available to enhance the operation, safety & user comfort of our skids.

Upgrades & Automation

  • Skid Options & Accessories

    - There are a number of options available to enhance the operation, safety & user comfort of our skids.

    These include:-

    - Semi-auto API couplers for quicker connection & API parking stand for safe storage of couplers.

    - Hose protection sleeves, colour coded for product ID.

    - Fluorescent lighting for a safer working environment.

    - All weather canopy for better driver/operator comfort.

    - Anti theft PLC timer prevents skid from working outside of site operating hours.

    - Provision for an extra line on skid for future expansion.

    - Terminal automation software & remote site access.

    - Temperature compensation.

    - Anti siphon check valves & mechanical counter protection hoods.

    Stk Code Description
    FOR-CE94-2500 4” safeload API semi auto coupler
    HOSE.SL4xx Hose sleeve 1m long to suit 4” hose
    SKID.LIGHT Skid lighting assembly
    SKID.CAN Skid weather canopy
    SKID.PAN.ATT Anti-theft PLC timer
    TAS-BASIC Terminal automation software
  • Electronic Register Upgrade

    - Bring your skid into the 21st century.

    - Upgrade to modern electronic control an ideal replacement for the old counter, printer & pre-set stack on mechanical skids.

    - Delivery, totaliser & pre-set all in one display.

    - Easy connection to a remote delivery printer & a back office computer for added integration to fuel control systems.

    - Rugged backlit display.

    - Same technology as used on many road tankers so easy for operators to understand.

    - Designed to fit directly onto our standard skid flow meter.

    - ATEX approved.

    - Options thermal printer & remote display.

    - Complete system includes 1 register & 1 interconnection box.

    - Ideal for new skids or to retrofit for updating existing skids.

    Stk Code Description
    ER1 Electronic register
    IB1 Interconnection box
  • Terminal Automation System

    - SmartTAS is a Windows based depot & terminal management software system.
    - Controls & manages all day to day tanker loading operations.
    - Identifies & logs all driver, vehicle & company details.
    - Security function prevents unauthorised loading.
    - Can authorise open & pre-arranged loading plans.
    - Prints loading bill with temperature compensation (requires skid interface).
    - Extensive list of stock management reports available.
    - Suitable for many load computers including the Contrec 1010 & Acuload systems.
    - Can interface with other equipment including gate access control, weighbridges & many other tank contents gauges on the market.
    - Suitable for own fleet & 3rd party loading.
    - Can help provide accurate stock reconciliation management.
    - Offers an ideal office based solution for managing day to day operations.
    - Ideal for operators of multiple sites or sites with high throughput.

    Stk Code Description
    TAS-BASIC Terminal automation system, basic