Safety Break Couplings

Protects the loading and unloading equipment and the tanker from damage caused by pull away accidents. Easy to reset and service on site.

Safety Break Couplings

  • Safety Break Couplings

    - Designed to break in half & seal both sides in the event of a pull away with the loading valve still connected.

    - Protects the loading & unloading equipment & the tanker from damage caused by pull away accidents.

    - Prevents unwanted product release from loading equipment.

    - Protects the equipment, site & environment from accidental drive offs.

    - Simple spring loaded design.

    - Operates independently of other safety systems.

    - Fast positive shut-off with minimal product loss.

    - Easy to reset & service on site.

    - 1”- 4” sizes.

    - Stainless steel inner parts an available in aluminium or stainless steel outer body & valves.

    - Flanged ANSI/PN/TTMA or threaded BSP connections.

    - Applications include chemical & food processing & tanker filling systems.

    - Ideal for depot & terminal loading facilities.

    Safety Break Coupling