Rail Flyte Coupler


- Bulk rail fuelling coupler suitable for rail car re-fuelling.

- 100% interchangeable with all existing coupler types.         

- Flow rates from 50-650L/min provide optimum fuelling times.

- Screw type dry break valve for safe connection to rail car tanks.

- 11⁄2” BSPF inlet compatible with most common train refuelling hoses.

- Viton seals to all wetted parts provide full fuel resistance.

- High impact steel body & handles for durability & strength.

- Corrosion resistant coating for long working life.

- Forged steel handles give good operator control.

- Unique hex socket fitting allows fast & easy installation.

- Fuel resistant rubber bumper to protect train panels.

- Simple cartridge design makes service & replacement easy.

- Seal replacement kit available for in-house maintenance.

- Available ex-stock for fast delivery.

Stk Code Description
FLYTE.COMPLETE2 11⁄2” bulk rail refuelling coupler
FLYTE.20IMP Flyte coupler cartridge
FLYTE.BODY.IMP Flyte coupler outer body
FLYTE-13 Outer body bumper
FLYTE-21 Seal kit

Additional Information

Sales Literature S1010 Flyte Coupler.pdf
Technical literature No
Sales Literature

Rail Flyte Coupler