PTFE Lined Un/Loading Arms


- Ideal for use with corrosive acids, caustics & other aggressive liquids.

- All wetted parts are PTFE lined for full chemical resistance to the product being transferred.

- Outer arm made from carbon or stainless steel.

- Suitable for open & closed top & bottom loading of road & rail tankers.

- Vapour recovery cone option for open top loading.

- Closed flange loading connection prevents escape of poisonous gases.

- Spring balanced to provide easy operation.

- 2”, 3”, 4” nominal bore size.

- Min/Max working temperature -25°C / +85°C.

- Options

Floor mounted stand post or mounting plate c/w parking hook & arm safety lock.

Pneumatic up/down with pendant control, vapour recovery, high level shut-off, mechanical hold-down, proximity switch, control valve, purge & drain points.

- Tanker connection can be provided by dry-break or other specialist couplings.


Stk Code Description
BLAXXX-XX-XX-P PTFE lined bottom loading arm
TLAXXX-XX-XX-P PTFE lined top loading arm

Additional Information

Sales Literature No
Technical literature No

PTFE Lined Un/Loading Arms