Petroleum Top Loading Arms


TLA200 series articulated top loading arms are ideal for extended reach applications

- Used for top loading of road & rail tankers in petroleum terminals & oil distribution depots.

- 3”, 4” & 6” bore for min. pressure drop & high flow rates up to 4000L/min.

- Articulated design provides the best option for vapour return & high level shut off systems.

- Supported boom option allows greater range & weight.

- Long lasting, hard wearing base swivel joint.

- Aluminium swivels & valves feature viton seals.

- Maximum working pressure 10 bar.

- Min/Max working temperature -25°C / +85°C.

- Options

As per TLA100, with additions of vapour cone with return hose & high level shut-off probes.

- Pneumatic arm control for easier operation.

- Arm dimensions can be modified to suit site requirements.

Stk Code Description
TLA201-A-X 3" TLA201 long reach arm c/w support bearing
TLA202-A-x 4" TLA202 standard reach arm without support bearing

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 Petroleum Top Loading Arms