MLP Multi-Level Platform


- The Multi Level Platform provides the ultimate safety & fall protection when accessing the tops of tankers.

- The system comprises an access platform with lift up floor grating that is hydraulically lowered onto a tanker to the required level.

The grating is then opened to expose the minimum area needed to gain access to the tanker manway.

- Hydraulic power pack provides smooth effortless height control.

- Proximity switches prevent damage to vehicle or plant.

- Can be fitted to existing fixed gantry or support gantry.

- Complete with aluminium outer hand railing & kicker plate.

- Self-levelling stairs provide safe gantry to tanker access.

- Design ensures platform maintains a horizontal position through the full height range.

- Platform between 1.4 to 2m wide & 2 to 10m long.

- Provide total coverage of tanker tops to prevent any risk of fall.

- Flexible design allows safe access to vast majority of tanker sizes & heights.

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MLP Multi-Level Platform