MID Approved Meters


- We offer a range of MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approved meters. These meters are approved for resale use.

- Steel case 4” bulk meter for terminal loading applications.

- Aluminium case 2”, 3” & 4” meter for other applications.

- Suitable for oils & petrochemicals.

- Flow rates from 25 - 2500L/min.

- Positive displacement type with low pressure drop.

- Wide temperature & viscosity range.

- Adaptable design for easy configuration & mounting.

Stk Code Description
DM100E.MID 4” terminal spec meter, 2500L/min
LCM7 2” aluminium case meter, 500L/min
LCM25 3” aluminium case meter, 1100L/min
LCM30 4” aluminium case meter, 1700L/min 

Additional Information

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MID Approved Meters