LP1600 Loading Platform


- The LP1600 loading platform is the ideal low cost, easy to install, low maintenance safe access solution for working on the tops of tankers & ISO containers.

- Ideal for smaller operations or where space is at a premium.

- Easy & fast to install.

- Operational within a day.

- Safe & economical to use.

- Space saving modular pedestal design for small site footprint.

- Modular design allows pre site sub assembly for easier installation.

- Non slip access steps, platform floor & folding stairs.

- Safety handrails & knee bars on steps & platform.

- Working platform allows the option to fit folding stairs, loading arms & other equipment.

- Construction - Mild steel hot dip galvanised section.

- Dimensions - 3.6m high x 1.6m square working platform.

- Access stairs - 750mm wide with max of 16 steps for 3.6m platform.

- Large 1.6m square platform with fully draining non slip grating surrounded by 150mm kicker plate.

- Platform is designed to accept up to 2 sets of folding stairs & 4 loading arms dependent on size & dimensions.


- The LP1600 can be supplied with many options including:-

- Higher platforms up to 5m.

Note: An intermediate landing is required on platforms over 4m high.

- 800mm wide folding stairs can be fitted to any of the 3 spare platform sides.

- Top loading arms & other equipment can be supplied & installed.

- Larger platforms for 2600mm wide folding stairs, dual support columns, angled access steps & weather canopies.

Stk Code Description
LP1600 1.6m sq x 3.6m high platform
LP1600.INT 1.6m sq platform higher than 4m

Additional Information

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Sales Literature

LP1600 Loading Platform