Folding Stairs - Extra Wide


- Our extra wide units are specially designed for applications where multiple tanker compartments need to be accessed or the site is unsure where the access point on the tanker might be.

- 2.6m W x 1.25 reach.

- Ideal for sites with a range of tankers operating or where more than one operator is required to access the tanker top.

- Available in 3 step option.

- Standard safety cage 1.4m D x 4.5m W.

- Pneumatic power kit recommended for easier operation.

Stk Code Description
FS-3STEPW 3 step, 1250mm reach, 2.6m W
FS-3STEPW.SC 3 step, 1250mm reach, 1.4m x 4.5m cage

Additional Information

Sales Literature S1006 Folding Stairs.pdf
Technical literature WIDE folding stair OMI_ 02.pdf
Sales Literature Technical Literature

Folding Stairs - Extra Wide