IFC Inflow are well recognised in the ever expanding export market. More and more companies are keen to work with us and see the benefit of our high quality products, expertise and exceptional value for money service. From supply only of our range of high quality loading and access equipment to full turnkey projects including onsite installation, commissioning and training, we have the knowledge and experience to provide solutions to clients around the world.

Recent areas of business

International chemical company - Chemical gantry and safe access system - £75,000
International fuel company - Petroleum terminal top and bottom loading arms, gantry and folding stairs - £120,000
National equipment distributor - Road tanker API couplers - £10,000

Middle East
National LNG supplier - LNG tanker loading & metering stations - £330,000
National fuel supplier - Road tanker loading - High flow bottom loading skid for MTBE/Ethanol - £65,000

Far East
Sri Lanka 
International oil company - Composite suction discharge fuel hoses - £10,000