Electronic Register Upgrade


- Bring your skid into the 21st century.

- Upgrade to modern electronic control an ideal replacement for the old counter, printer & pre-set stack on mechanical skids.

- Delivery, totaliser & pre-set all in one display.

- Easy connection to a remote delivery printer & a back office computer for added integration to fuel control systems.

- Rugged backlit display.

- Same technology as used on many road tankers so easy for operators to understand.

- Designed to fit directly onto our standard skid flow meter.

- ATEX approved.

- Options thermal printer & remote display.

- Complete system includes 1 register & 1 interconnection box.

- Ideal for new skids or to retrofit for updating existing skids.

Stk Code Description
ER1 Electronic register
IB1 Interconnection box

Additional Information

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Electronic Register Upgrade