Dry Break Couplings


- Dry break couplings permit quick connection & disconnection of fluid transfer hoses. The connection can be made under pressure with the minimum of product spillage.

- The couplings open & close automatically on connection & disconnection.

- Ideal for transfer of hazardous chemicals & toxins.

- Helps prevent spillage & makes product transfer safer for the operator & the environment.

- Sizes range from 56mm - 164mm / 1” - 4” nominal bore.

- Available in aluminium, stainless steel & bronze.

- Standard couplings have stainless steel internals & Viton seals.

- Wide range of applications including, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, solvent & food.

- Interchangeable with Todo, Mann-Tek, Avery Hardoll & Emco Wheaton couplings.

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Dry Break Coupling