Depot Loading Skid - Electronic


- Our electronic depot loading skid incorporates the latest terminal loading technology to provide central skid control & loading data storage with a range of options & features that provide complete tanker loading management.

- Along with all the safety features & build quality of our mechanical depot loading skid, the electronic version also offers:-
Electronic Batch Control
- Central skid mounted electronic loading computer.
- Controls deliveries on up to 4 arms simultaneously.
- Digital inline control valves provide optimum loading.
- Security pin code or touch key authorisation.
- Stores last 200 transactions.
- Stand-alone printer supplied as standard.
- Option office based PC terminal automation software available.

Stk Code Description
AD80-x x arm skid c/w 3” meters no pumps
AD100-x x arm skid c/w 4” meters no pumps
ADP80-x x arm skid c/w 3” meters c/w pumps
ADP100-x x arm skid c/w 4” meters c/w pumps

Additional Information

Sales Literature S1005 BLA Skid.pdf
Technical literature bla445 O&M_2011.pdf
Sales Literature Technical Literature

Depot Loading Skid - Electronic