Bulk Flow Meters


The Acuflow bulk flow meter is designed to provide high accuracy & consistent repeatability for high speed metering of oil & petrochemical products.

- Used for bulk metering of oils & fuels into & out of road & rail tankers & for many boat, plant & industrial applications.

- Flow rates from 25 to 3000L/min.

- High accuracy with consistent repeatability.

- Proven positive displacement tri-rotor technology for durability & reliability.

- 11⁄2”, 2”, 3” & 4” models. High capacity 6” version available.

- Accuracy to +/- 0.15% at 5:1 range.

- Repeatability up to 0.05%.

- 80 mesh stainless steel inlet strainer as standard.

- Max. working pressure 10.5 bar.

- Min/Max working temperature -40°C - +85°C.

- Mechanical register as standard. (Option electronic pulsed output).

- Available accessories include air separator, air check valve, pre-set delivery control valve & flow rate indicator.

- Options

Mechanical ticket printer, pre-set counter, register swivel assembly & Exd rated micro-switches for control of external pumps & valves. 

Electronic register with register, totaliser & pre-set control all in one display.

Stk Code Description
M40x 40mm/11⁄2” bulk meter 25-250L/min
M50x 50mm/2” bulk meter 38-550L/min
M80x 80mm/3” bulk meter 75-1150L/min
M100x 100mm/4” bulk meter 130-1700L/min
M150x 150mm/6” bulk meter 225-3000L/min

Additional Information

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Technical literature Acuflow meter O&M version 2.pdf
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Bulk Flow Meters