API Coupler - Manual


- The Safeload manual API coupler for petroleum tanker bottom

  loading is a robust, reliable & affordable coupler ideal for depot

  loading & lower use applications.

- 3 year warranty for wear & tear on all metal parts under normal

  environmental conditions.

- Safeload design prevents operation unless properly connected.

- Tapered lead in ensures failsafe adaptor alignment.

- Four wraparound extended triggers securely lock coupler in place.

- Easy to maintain & service with all seals easy to replace.

- 4” TTMA inlet flange.

- Outlet connection complies with API RP1004.

- Hard anodised aluminium body with Viton seals as standard.

- Major oil company approved.

Stk Code  Description
 FOR-CE94-2700  4” safeload manual API coupler
 FOR-CE94-2700GF  4” coupler with seals suitable for MTBE
 FOR-FV/94-25SK  Seal kit for CE94-2700
 FOR-FV/94-27SKGF  Seal kit for CE94-2700GF

Additional Information

Sales Literature S1012 Fortvale API.pdf
Technical literature No
Sales Literature

Manual API Coupler