API Coupler - Semi Auto


- The Safeload semi auto API coupler has all the features of the

  manual unit, with the added benefit of the semi auto feature

  allowing quicker connection to the tanker. Ideal for high volume

  terminal applications.

- Instant snap on fixture to tank adaptor.

- 3 year warranty for wear & tear on all metal parts under normal

  environmental conditions.

- Safeload design prevents operation unless properly connected.

- Tapered lead in ensures failsafe adaptor alignment.

- Four wraparound extended triggers securely lock coupler in place.

- Easy to maintain & service with all seals easy to replace.

- 4” TTMA inlet flange.

- Outlet connection complies with API RP1004.

- Hard anodised aluminium body with viton seals as standard.

- Major oil company approved.

Stk Code Description
FOR-CE94-2500 4” safeload semi auto API coupler
FOR-CE94-2500GF 4” coupler with seals suitable for MTBE
FOR-FV/94-25SK Seal kit for CE94-2500
FOR-FV/94-27SKGF Seal kit for CE94-2500GF

Additional Information

Sales Literature S1012 Fortvale API.pdf
Technical literature No
Sales Literature

Semi Automatic API Coupler